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The Resident Manager will live on-site at Soledad House. Resident Manager duties include overseeing the general maintenance and safety of the premises and responding to over-night emergencies, including documentation of these conditions and events. Their duties may include conducting periodic inspections of the property, providing transportation services in emergencies only, providing crisis intervention and documentation, minor maintenance and cleaning. They are not required to stay awake overnights and are not required to perform formal counseling duties.    

SALARY:      Housing provided in a one bedroom apartment on-site compensates employee’s work hours up to a specified number per pay period, as specified in the Resident Manager Agreement. In addition, as requested by supervisor, employee may receive paid compensation for a limited number of work hours. Compensation rate is at the established California state minimum wage. 

 HOURS:         On call hours overnights, 7 days per week, specific schedules to be provided.  

BENEFITS:  May take up to 18 days per year of unpaid leave in coordination with other Resident Manager and supervisor. Sick leave in accordance with CA law. No insurance benefits provided. 


Education:  High school diploma or GED required.

Experience:  Previous property management experience desired.

Skills/knowledge:  Good written and oral English communication skills, ability to work as a member of a team, to accept supervision, to maintain appropriate boundaries while working and living in close inter-personal relationships, ability to problem solve and work independently.  Reliable.  Good judgment in crisis situations.  Ability to be responsible, flexible, empathic and able to relate effectively with clients, staff and other professionals in the community. Skills and knowledge related to working with psychiatrically disabled adults desirable.

Physical/sensory requirements:  Ability to drive an automobile and small passenger van; ability to hear normal conversations and answer telephones; ability to access and to monitor by sight and hearing all portions of property in order to oversee residents, maintain the safety of residents in facilities, and assist with evacuation of housing in case of emergency. Hand, finger and body coordination sufficient to keep written records of work. Capable of the following extended activities: standing, sitting, climbing, stairs.  Capable of the following intermittent activities: ability to lift 25 lbs.

Essential Job Functions include the following: 

1) Custodial Duties As Needed In Common Areas

·    Includes recreation rooms, laundry rooms, restrooms, and kitchens (in common areas, parking areas, and grounds).

2) Emergency Response

·    Determine need for maintenance or management personnel to respond to after-hours emergencies.

·    Alert necessary public safety personnel and supervisor for medical emergencies.

·    Assist in evacuation of buildings in the event of a disaster.

3) Lock/Unlock Common Areas As Needed Including Recreation And Laundry Rooms

4) Monitor Security Of The Buildings Assigned

·    Check regularly exterior and interior lights.  Report or replace light bulbs as needed.

·    Check interior walkways and exterior of buildings periodically to ensure security.

·    Alert appropriate public safety personnel and supervisor as needed to handle any unusual disturbances.

·    Check exit doors.

5) May Be Required To Mediate Disputes Between Tenants In The Absence Of Assigned Program Staff.

·    Refer ongoing problems to supervisor for resolution.

6) Monitor Parking Lots At Assigned Buildings

·    Tag inappropriately parked vehicles and refer to supervisor for resolution.

7) Maintain A Daily Log Of Incidents And Their Resolutions

·    Inform assigned supervisor daily of all incidents or problems which occur.

8) Other duties as assigned 

REQUIREMENTS: Over 18; valid California driver’s license; auto in safe operating condition; auto liability insurance; good driving record acceptable to agency’s insurance carrier; criminal record clearance; ability to pass physical exam as required by licensing; proof of authorization to work in the United States as required by the Immigration and Reform Act of 1986. 

INTERIM, Inc. is a private non-profit agency that provides residential treatment affordable housing, supported education and employment, and social rehabilitation programs for adults with psychiatric disabilities.

***Applicants must complete an Interim Application for Employment in order to be considered for the position.  To learn more about Interim and to apply for this position, please go to our website at .

Interim, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. 

Interim Inc. is guided by the precept that in no aspect of its programs, services or employment practices shall discrimination be permitted because of race, color, national origin, gender, age, creed, religion, physical or mental disability, marital status, medical condition, veteran status, pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition, citizen status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristic protected by state or federal law.  To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other applicable laws ensuring equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals with a disability, reasonable accommodations are made for the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified individual with a disability, unless hardship, direct threat to health or safety, or other job-related consideration exists.  Individual who feel that they have been unlawfully discriminated against because of membership in one of the protected classes should contact the following:  Director of Human Resources, Interim, Inc., PO Box 3222, Monterey, CA   93942. (831) 649-4522.


Location: Salinas, CA
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