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Under the supervision of the Interim Program Director or Physician, as appropriate, the nurse may perform the following primary duties:

1. Assist residents with self-administration of medication; knowledge of medication classification, interactions expected therapeutic responses, and nursing implications.

2. Support counselors and monitor the reliability and fidelity of the residents’ CCL Health Related Services/medication management, records, etc. in compliance with CCL regulations.

3. Coordinate with licensed healthcare professional to insure provision of staff training in diabetes, inhalation/CPAP devices, and other Restricted Health Conditions in compliance with CCL requirements.

4. Create, monitor and provide regular documentation on Health Care Plans related to clients’ Restricted Health conditions.

5. Provide interface with Health Dept. on issues concerning contagious diseases and infections.

6. Review medication logs at Manzanita and Bridge monthly to ensure logs are up to date and accurate.

7. Administer TB tests and document results.

8. Conduct physicals at licensed programs necessary to complete State Licensing’s Physician Report form.

9. Coordinate and consult with psychiatrists and other physicians regarding client health issues, medical interactions and provide appropriate advocacy.

10. Provide general healthcare education to staff and residents on issues such as diabetes, cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, hepatitis, TB and HIV/AIDS, infection control procedures, management of lice, scabies, etc. Provide plans for infection control when a resident has a communicable condition.

11. Facilitate linkage with doctors and pharmacy and provide advocacy as needed.

12. Review client health questionnaires and refer to appropriate healthcare provider

13. Obtain and coordinate resources on nutrition training, diet planning, smoking cessation, and other health related issues as they arise. Facilitate groups on these topics according to resident need and request.

14. Other duties as assigned.


1) Education and Experience: Required: RN. Preferred: BA with at least one-year experience in psychiatric nursing; knowledge of Medi-Cal documentation and/or Quality Assurance procedures; and knowledge in the areas of substance abuse and facilitating groups.

2) Skills/knowledge: Good written and oral English communication skills, word processing and data entry/retrieval skills preferred; ability/willingness to learn computer skills required; ability to work independently and as a member of a team, to accept supervision, to maintain appropriate boundaries while working in close inter-personal relationships; ability to learn and apply principles of social rehabilitation; ability to take a holistic preventative approach; ability to be organized, responsible, flexible, empathic and able to relate effectively with clients, other staff, professionals and members of the community.

SALARY: 7-step salary schedule; starting pay rate negotiable based upon experience.

BENEFITS: Employee premium paid in full by agency for Anthem Silver/HSA Plan plus $75 monthly contribution to Health Savings Account; Employee cost for Dental/Vision and Life Insurance paid in full by agency; 403(b) Savings plans with company match after 1 year; paid vacation and sick leave.

HOURS: Full time, 40 hours/week; non-exempt (eligible for overtime)

PHYSICAL/SENSORY REQUIREMENTS: Ability to drive an automobile and small passenger van; ability to see well enough to read medication bottles, data on a computer screen, client records, and to discriminate between different types of medications; ability to hear normal conversations and answer telephone; ability to verbally communicate with residents and staff; ability to access and monitor, by sight and hearing, all portions of facility to monitor residents, maintain house safety and assist clients in evacuation of facility in case of emergency; hand, finger and body coordination sufficient to assist residents with tasks, to write client records with clear handwriting, and to use computer keyboard and mouse. Capable of the following extended activities: standing, sitting.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Over 18 (or having driver’s license a minimum of 2 years); valid California driver's license; auto in safe operating condition; auto liability insurance; good driving record; criminal record clearance; good general health and ability to pass physical exam as required by licensing; proof of authorization to work in the United States as required by Immigration and Reform Act of 1986.

Interim, Inc. is a private non-profit agency, which provides residential treatment, affordable housing, supported education/employment and social rehabilitation/recovery oriented programs for adults with psychiatric disabilities.

***Applicants must complete an Interim Application for Employment in order to be considered for the position.  To learn more about Interim and to apply for this position, please go to our website at .

Interim, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Interim, Inc. is guided by the precept that in no aspect of its programs, services or employment shall discrimination or harassment be permitted because of sex, race, color, ancestry, national origin, gender, age, creed, religion, physical or mental disability, genetic characteristics, marital status, medical condition, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, citizenship status, veteran status, military status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or other characteristics protected by state, federal or local law. To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other applicable laws ensuring equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals with a disability, reasonable accommodations are made for the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified individual with a disability, unless hardship, direct threat to health or safety, or other job-related consideration exists. Individuals who feel that they have been unlawfully discriminated against because of membership in one of the protected classes should contact the following: Director of Human Resources, Interim, Inc., PO Box 3222, Monterey, CA 93942. (831) 649-4522.

Location: Monterey, Salinas, CA
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