Health and Safety Analyst

Monterey, CA


The ideal candidate is primarily responsible for ensuring that the agency is in compliance with various health and safety regulations. The Safety Analyst works in assisting agency worksites in the determination of appropriate safety standards for employees, addressing potential safety issues and investigating work-related accidents and injuries, and implementing measures to prevent their recurrence. The individual will also assess, create and implement agency operations to reduce financial operation costs to include but not limited to analyzing and staying updated on various norms; conducting audits in the area of environmental health and safety; guiding and training employees in promoting health and safety best practices through-out the agency.


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An exceptional benefit package including; Medical/Dental/Vision/403(b) retirement plan and Life Insurance. Offers competitive vacation and sick time. 



 Nonexempt; 40 hours/week; Eligible for Overtime Salary range - $27.89/hr - $36.32/hr- (Based on education & experience)






Education and experience: BA degree and three years’ experience in the administration of occupational health and safety programs is strongly preferred or health and safety related field.

Excellent English oral and written communication skills; strong critical thinking and analytical skills, and ability to collaborate and work with a culturally diverse team. Proficient in Excel, Word, PowerPoint.

Valid California driver's license; auto in safe operating condition; auto liability insurance; good driving record; criminal record clearance; proof of authorization to work in the United States as required by Immigration and Reform Act of 1986. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.


The ideal candidate is responsible for the following duties:

Performs research and analysis to develop occupational safety compliance procedure to reduce agency while increasing employee safety in the workplace.

  1. Provide recommendations on a variety of program related issues and concerns to decrease agency liability.

  2. Create and implement agency specific resiliency plans for unforeseen emergency to include but not limited to natural disasters, unnatural disasters, and health pandemic.

  3. Conducts regular safety audits including the inspection of facilities, worksites, work practices, and safety devices to ensure compliance with required workplace safety standards, regulations, and agency policy; reports findings to department/program and recommends changes to establish safe work conditions; may compel cessation of work in order to address potential imminent hazards; monitors changes and/or makes follow-up inspections.

  4. Collaborate and assist departments/programs to determine appropriate health and safety standards for staff; assesses potential safety and/or wellness issues in order to develop continuous, comprehensive specific loss prevention programs.

  5. Establishes, coordinates, and implements the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), setting program goals, objectives, priorities, procedures and policies.

  6. Provides systems and procedures guidance to assist departmental personnel in complying with State and Federal occupational safety and health compliance standards.

  7. Develops, implements, and maintains standardized training programs to enhance and encourage employee awareness of occupational safety issues in the workplace.

  8. Visits facilities to conduct inspections, evaluations, training, and to participate in health and safety meetings.

  9. Investigates and record serious accidents and/or incidents of injury or property damage at agency worksites to ascertain cause and need; develops and implements measures and strategies to prevent their recurrence in order to meet long-range loss-reduction goals; advises departments as to the keeping of records and coordinates the compilation of information necessary for Risk Management files and reports.

  10. Performs or oversees audits of operations, facilities, helping to identify unsafe practices, procedures, and conditions; recommends corrective actions; conducts follow-up to promote the implementation of corrective actions.

  11. Develops, implements, and maintains the agency Vehicle Accident Review Procedures including review of all vehicle accidents involving employee drivers.

  12. Stay up to date with federal and state health and safety regulations and makes recommendations pertaining to OSHA, CDC, and Health and Safety regulations and guidelines.

  13. Monitors activities of contractors performing work for the agency relating to compliance with occupational safety regulations.

  14. Create and promotes preventive programs to identify and reduce risk from potential hazards in the workplace, delegating where appropriate.

  15. Collaborate with appropriate programs/departments to review, identify occupational health and safety opportunities utilizing Workers' Compensation, Injury Illness Prevention Program agency health and safety accidents, and insurance claim documents, files, reports, and other materials as required.

  16. Other duties as assigned.


Ability to: operate a motor vehicle; climb stairs; possess good communication skills; meet the requirements of the classification and have mobility, vision, hearing and dexterity levels appropriate to the duties to be performed. Capable of the following extended activities: standing, sitting, climbing stairs.

Capable of the following intermittent activities: lifting 25 pounds or more and bending in the performance of infrequently performed office duties.